dead sea apes

caught adrift upon a brooding east wind an ominous foretelling casts its shadowy fascination over the barren arid dry desert plains, above lies the scorching glare of molten suns over which beneath a deathly wasteland populated by smoked husks that once passed for vegetation and vulture picked carcasses gather to usher and utter a warning of hopelessness for all who seek passage. Piloting the aforementioned bleached breeze, Dead Sea Apes scowl, skirt, snake wind and scar the over laboured landscapes much like an ever watchful and needy preacher man seeking souls to burn, ‘the unclosing eye’ is their withering anthem – mesmeric, hollowed and entrancing, a dread draped dusky mantra cloaked in mysticism and born of an archaic tongue rooted deep in the humankind mindset, searing burning hot its spell craft intense, intent and inescapable opines with suffocating seduction like a bruised wound licking and hulking Grails epitaph. An album is imminent entitled ‘spectral domain’ via Cardinal Fuzz and Sunrise Ocean Bender.    

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