holographic field

with its shimmer toned twinkles and its calming crystalline coos, ‘afloat’ makes for something of a serenely lazy eyed symphonia. Prized from a forthcoming set entitled ‘window gazer’ through hellbig music, it’s by holographic field, or as he’s better known to friend s and family Berlin based musician Jonas Meyer. Crushed in measured elegance, ‘afloat’ navigates the quiet cracks existing between the sonic building blocks that deftly separate ambience and electronica, classically enriched and lushly ghosted in ethereal echoes, a celestial call and response peppered delicately by hushed harmonics and a dozing armoury of crystal tipped murmurs through whose dreaming eyes are reflected rarefied images of extraterrestrial floral landscapes coded and coloured in pastoral prettiness. In short adorable.  https://soundcloud.com/holographicfield/afloat   

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