last step

and staying very loosely with maps and diagrams, okay fort dax and cheju would perhaps be considered distant sonic cousins, but we happened upon this following sighting a distress call posting on facebook. Via bad panda records – who at one time did frequent these very pages, this is last step who if I’ve followed the bread crumb clues in their correct order have something to do with venetian snares, this particular cutie – ‘horse lasagne woman’ – is taken from a set released earlier in the year entitled ‘lost sleep’. Superbly teetering on the darker side of the acid spectrum, ‘horse lasagne woman’ is sumptuously harnessed upon a noir chipped cold wave minimalist vibe that skirts and prowls the shadowy divides existing between a mid career Plaid and ‘a beverley mythic’ era fortdax – nuff said.

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