laughing eye weeping eye

Channeling both Nico and Dead Can Dance, ‘earth’ comes culled from laughing eye weeping eye – the latest signatures to the much admired moon glyph stable. As ever with these releases, ‘once was you’ comes strictly limited on a handsomely crafted cassette and finds duo Ms Schoenecker and Mr Holbrook linking sonic hands with hare and the moon and preterite to craft something elegiac and lost in time, a slice of mercurial mastery sitting outside the safe comfort and confines of box ticking generic tags and something draped in the fineries of lost musical tongues and folklore ritualism that’s pressed and ghosted upon by the entrancing visitation of twilight incantations and the lulling intonation of an opining harmonium whereupon an almost spiritual church like reverence attaches. beguiling in short.  Full album review arriving soon.   

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