maps and diagrams

This is heading fast towards near sound worlds and damn fine with it to, sampler track from a forthcoming Maps and Diagrams set entitled ‘voodoo tales’ through his own handstitched imprint which I must admit appears to be something of a thriving cottage industry of late given the fact that in recent times Tim Diagram has been sneaking out releases like there’s no tomorrow. Anyhow ‘voodoo tales’ is shortly to make, one assumes, a very brief appearance into daylight any day soon arriving in a strictly limited 50 only pressing from which by way of a notice server ‘taboo’ has been coaxed out of the shadows to court your affection. With its watery flotillas, ice sculptured sereneness and curiously attractive binary afro-beat, ‘taboo’ is attached with a lulling tropicalia calm that seesaws and swims seductively guiding the listener into a truly immersive head trip softly smothered in  a rich tableau of lush dream-scaping fauna to venture and free wheel the vast boundless voids of sounds inner space to craft something both hypnotic, mesmeric and revealed as though a timeless whisper from an ancient age.

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