Must admit to being a tad fond of this un, disappears cover of Mr Bowie’s ‘breaking glass’ here sounding edgily loose, funked out and decidedly ramshackle – but in a good way you understand and to boot scalped and haloed in all manner of shimmer toning sirens not to mention capturing perfectly the whole sparse dislocated sonic vibe of the day in so far as the mashing and meshing of the cold wave paranoia, funk, alt disco and stateside new wave and faithfully done to the point that you’d swear they’d crept into the thin white duke’s headspace for a rummage around through his boxes of memories. The track incidentally is culled from a forthcoming set that finds them covering ‘Low’ in its entirety the set mastered by Sonic Boom and due for issue in November via the much loved sonic cathedral where it’ll arrive pressed up on orange wax was recorded live last year in Chicago as part of a concert series Bowie Changes to coincide with a Bowie exhibition at the museum of contemporary art – an event that featured musicians gathering to pay homage by reinterpreting his back catalogue.


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