have you ever seen the jane fonda aerobic vhs?

I’m suspecting someone somewhere not only has the means and wherewithal to a secret bunker but has been busy mixing DNA cultures cobbled from all your favourite femme fronted indie starlets past and present and set about genetically creating under laboratory conditions the pop supernova that is the unwieldy named have you ever seen the jane fonda aerobics VHS? a name which even reduced to the shortened hyestjfvhs? would prove a character clogging mission for any would be t-shirt merchandiser. Anyhow latest sortie from these three Finnish folk goes by the name ‘family man’ which by our ever attentive ears translates sumptuously into a nifty slice of sub four minute feel good ram-a-lama trimmed in punk pop accents all cut with the kind of effervescent cuteness that’s liable to have your turntable cooing affectionately whilst having you hitting the repeat button with frantic delight, features oodles of 60’s organs, radiant sing-a-long chorus hooks you can kiss not to mention a healthy dollop of euphoric whiplash to boot. Now tell me again what’s not to love.

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