in remembrance…..

In remembrance…..

Today would have been the birthday of the much missed John Peel – we’ve fired up the search engines for a ramble through the inter web and come back with a host of goodies – the latter of which a BBC broadcast from that golden year 1977 wherein the big question on everyone’s lips wasn’t how would Liverpool FC survive without Kevin Keegan but what to do to stop and prevent the nations spotty face teen army turning overnight into street fighting zombie punks. But first up a whole mix cloud page with Peel show uploads aplenty – some great curios and forgotten moments here though for us the pride of the pick being the phantom festive 50 of ’91 replete with legendary ‘pickin the blues’ intro – just toggle down a little wee while to access – hit the volume button,  fill your boots and raise a glass to the great man….

Ah punk…..there was a time when the nation where offered jabs on the NHS in order to ward off its harming effects, doors where painted with red symbols and people pointed at you in the street, this tedious though sometimes disturbing and hilarious – in a disbelieving way – documentary / phone in expose shines the light on a Britain as blinkered and easily fed on the lies, bullying and societal dividing lines printed by the likes of the Mail and the gutter trash tabloid press   

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