petunia-liebling macpumpkin

Several recent communications from the electric phantom sound bunker alerting us to two well heeled slices of ear gear, the first being from the much admired Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin who continues apace to baffle, bewilder and bedevil our sound system with her surreal disturbia with ‘Rose (flower’s garden)’ perhaps providing her darkest dalliance to date. A cornucopia of chilling creep fest crookedness trimmed in child like abstractia all ghosted by fateful treachery and terrorising tales of weirdness which when gathered together are lysergically dead headed by a stricken and sinister shadowy solemnity.

Ms MacPumpkin’s next trip down the psychedelic rabbit hole comes courtesy of a video puppet /  animation set to adorn the track ‘veggie medley’ from her critically acclaimed ‘fish drive edsels’ full length…..then work begins on her second album – consider yourselves well and truly warned….

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