fancy a little something disquieting, let us then introduce you to Drudenhaus of whom we have no information beyond the fact that they make for a chilling sound spectacle courtesy of a contributing track to a collection of dark ambience mosaics gathered together by the Venus Aeon imprint called ‘subterranean passages – volume 2’. ‘night at denvers’ is the drudenhaus track in question, a pure peek-a-boo chill fest no doubt immersed and informed by all manner of horror flick fantasia and dead headed by the kind alone and you know it macabre that might have you guarded to partake of this occult overture from a  comfort zone located behind the sofa with the lights on in broad daylight as it drags you hell bound through a torturous montage of ghostly nursery rhymes, bloodletting screams and what appears to be none to friendly communications from beyond the veil. A  further listening exhumation is planned soon. http://venusaeon.bandcamp.com/album/subterranean-passages-vol-2

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  1. Derek Mick says:

    Glad you dig my work!

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