Many thanks to Geoff at Static Caravan for hot footing a few turntable treats the first of which an imminent limited to 100 clear lathe pressing gathering together two new cuts from modified toy orchestra or MTO as they appear to prefer being called these days. An album looming – their third – entitled ‘silfurburg’ this brace of cuts feature on a digital EP ‘Feynman on Mars’ and reveal a curious light / dark dimension to their sonic persona with lead out cut ‘mary =x’ proving something of a would be melodically murmured mathematicians mirage that finds MTO orbiting distant dark stars transmitting waltzing lovelorn lunar lullabies out into the starry wilderness all flavoured in oriental twinkles and ice draped in a numbing vapour kissed ethereal majesty. With its title taken from a news broadcast reporting on the doomed Challenger mission of 86, there’s a sense of ghostly detached emptiness that courses throughout the brief visitation of ‘the breath they’ve holding’  that’s  traced with a deathly solemn hollowness as the oblique binary bleeps shuffle and shift in despairing sorrow from which a muted bittersweet beauty blossoms.  

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