Only ten of these babes available and I’m guessing by the time you read this all flown from the coup – though worry not as there are plans afoot for an equally limited re-press. Pressed up on 8 inch slabs of polycarbonate or whatever hell they use on these lathe lovelies this is sloath who I’m suspecting have featured in passing at some point or other in the distant dark past. ‘high commissioner is your heavy duty sunlight sucking slavering stoner doom groove, kind of Deep Purple played at 16rpm that comes kissed with the kind of resigned to it all grizzled futility as to make the likes of Earth sound positively poppy and happy go lucky party pop music by sharp comparison. ‘beard of ra’ over on the flip – incidentally the best thing here is gouged by a killer mesmeric locked grooved rifffola that if we didn’t know any better would have had us believing tales of it being carved and forged in the ancestral fires of earth’s formation. Bad boogie-fied ju-ju indeed.

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