Well I didn’t see this coming that’s for sure, an alternative James Bond theme that’s not only fine to like but actually captures the mystery, the majesty and  the magic of classic Bond flicks from yore not to mention actually getting the grainy noir detachment of the character’s spirit. So what that Sam Smith nailed the honours, Bond these days is a money printing exercise far removed from Fleming’s complex and flawed original model, a loyal loose cannon playing to his own rules without boundaries, beholding or equal – its everything embodied in ‘spectre’ – a forthcoming single through sonic cathedral by Spectres featuring guest vocals by Ela Orleans. Chamber noir riddled so explicitly in tension and psychosis that you fear it reaching out from the grooves to choke you, within there’s the maddening clock working hysteria and the almost macabre murder circus fairground graveness pulling you deeper and deeper down into its suffocating bad tripping 60’s shimmering dark lair haloing, add to the mix the vaguely cursory eye in the direction of a youthful unpolished noir trimmed John Barry and the mind altering madness of Bernard Herrmann’s ‘Vertigo’. The release is commercially available late October as a specially pressed gold wax 007 inch. Alas no sound links just yet.

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