the earlies

Again pressed on limited lathe editions – 60 as reported and all gone on pre-sale alone – as well as well as being available on all digital resources, the welcomed returned to these pages of the Earlies. A trio of treats feature on ‘message from home’ all giving ample evidence that the collectives mastery and creative flair hasn’t neglected them in the intervening years following their decade long exile with the parting title cut alone finding them retracing their sonic origins back to the days of those teeth cutting debuting brace of self released EP’s to provide a beautifully lilting and dream dazed murmuring cosmic shanty of sorts delicately teased and surrendered in oceanic opines. Lead out track ‘abandon’ arrives graced in a youthful Broadcast braiding sumptuously traced in a tenderly alluring bitter sweet noir framing that imagines cosmic campfire séances emitting distress calls from long forgotten lunar outposts while the simply humbling ‘disappearing man’ just aches with the convergence of desperation, hope and wonder coming cradled as it does in a curious wintry warmth not to mention being bathed in the kind of heavenly hushed glow the type of which used to once upon a time grace the grooves of releases bearing the name Seeland upon their hide. Adored in short.

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