roadside picnic

Expect Justin Wiggan related goodies galore in the coming weeks we’ve just been given a heads up of new things to engage our ear lobes. For now though we unearthed this curious little nugget from his roadside picnic page. Out now on the seagrave imprint a limited cassette outing entitled ‘Faux Mater’ – alas sold out but still available for a digital grab – which features two extended suites with the one we’ve decided to earmark for your listening perusal – ‘anchor store principles’ –  revealing a somewhat playful and poppy side to his persona. A dreamy back to past nostalgic trip to America’s commercial 50’s era golden age where the gloom of Europe’s post war austerity sharply contrasted with the stateside consumer is king retail boom. With its ethereal toning, binary pulsars, modular murmurs, glacial dream drapes and hypno grooved shimmers this vintage training commercial / public service broadcast is imagined through the eyes / ears of a celestial observer – trippy, disconnected, and somewhat oddly wonky whilst very much retreading old school Radiophonics albeit through the mindset of a youthful Casino Vs Japan with selected members of the Tigerbeat6 family in tow. 

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