eschii / xyzips

in our absence it seems that the polytechnic youth imprint have been sneaking out releases like there was no tomorrow – or copies left for that matters because these babies –as ridiculously limited as they are – have a knack of selling out before the pre sales wrapping has even been broken. Recent treats have been aplenty with releases for both eschii and xyzips,the former mentioned stumping up the sparsely traced night light show that is ‘akazie ‘98’ – a  kind of thawing – slow to rise to greet the morning – ice sculptured twilight sonata  delicately detailed in all manner of intricately layered micro sound engineering which ought to appeal on first encounters to those of you much adoring of the early work of Cheju and the current canon of Maps and Diagrams. As to xyzips – happily they’ve graced these pages once before, described in passing as paranoid electronics, we must admit to being a tad smitten by their cold war austere aural landscapes which aside very much swimming into the kind of retro electro territories of the quiet of late – well at least around our gaff – weird records – does instil a feeling upon the would be listener of some back to the future’s past sense of déjà vu finding an highly experimental envelope pushing Cabaret Voltaire earning cash on the side doing a spot of moonlight DJ’ing in Tron world.

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