can’t quite recall how on earth we tripped across this, I’m suspecting it was on one of regular forays picking up strays along the bandcamp path. No information about fusiller except to say they / he / she are located somewhere Paris way and currently have a cassette doing the rounds through phase records which we strongly urge you to seek out at your earliest convenience especially if your listening loves frequent the kind of darkly distressed future worlds and cold war paranoiac electronics that once upon a time was so ably and austerely delivered upon turntables by the likes of Add N to X and Mount Vernon Arts Lab, well at least that how mood and atmospheres appear to grip and ghost the  grooves of the forbidding and bleak ‘dystopies versus – part 1’. Proving edgier still not to say a little less playful, ‘part 2’ as you’d probably hazard a guess is an altogether differing beast brutalised amid a terror-phonic skree storm of crackling transmissions, frequency warping sound manipulation, distorted loop collages and scalding sonic shocks. http://fusiller.bandcamp.com/album/dystopies-versus

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