space gang

how could we resist a label going by the name of dome of doom, I mean moth to light bulb so on and so forth. Anyway these dudes have a few planned cassette store sorties in the pipeline which include outings for the blank tapes and the death medicine band – the latter of whom on name alone must be deserving of anyone’s time and consideration. Alas no sound links for those releases just yet or details as it happens, however we did hook up to this little nugget. Released earlier in the year and from their third album this is space gang and ‘burner’ who it seems do the kind of mellowing lounge tropicalia meets mutant seafaring psychedelia that admirers of those monsterism island compilations would literally swoon for, this un’ comes wonderfully warped as though some rare slice of 70’s seductive soul pop had been mistakenly left out in the sun and melted, freakishly trippy and something that ought by rights should be sitting somewhere between your prized emperor penguin and frank and wobbly sons outings.


For those among you who might have suffered some kind of musical taste crisis and forgotten what the hell poster children sounded like here’s ‘eye’……

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