totem terrors

Weird ear candy pop from (returning to these pages – you may well recall us falling backsides over elbows for thee acutely cute ‘big e’ earlier this year)  Cardiff based punk pups totem terrors – words about that there’s an album that too much gnashing teeth we’ve yet to hear – a set from which we believe this strange mutant buzz pop sortie is ripped – entitled ‘harder science’ you might well need a set square to navigate its sharpening obtuse needle niking chord play, prime turntable fodder for those of you who at one time tuned your ears to the grooves of the marquis cha cha imprint, two minutes of early Fall-esque loveliness spiked with elements of the kind of austere art pop that once scratched and gnawed at the grooving of classic era Devo and B-52’s platters with a distinct flavouring of Bis, prime Peel fodder in should hasten to add.  

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