dome of doom mix tape

As promised a little earlier, dome of doom records have just made public a newly peeled mix tape –their third I believe – featuring a whole hour’s worth of lights lowered head tripping nocturnal groove which as mentioned in previous dispatches ought to prick and purr the ear of those tuned into the slo-mo seductive sound worlds of Frank and Wobbly Sons, LOAF and Tummy Touch. If your listening loves centre around the tuning and dropping out and in of realities or the graceful turn of Musetta-esque murmur toned mosaics – possibly eraserfase or linfornia – and the sleek and slick dream drift of demurring ice sculptured chill pop then frankly you’ll feel as though you’ve gone to lunar pop heaven. Gathering a plethora of beneath the radar talent, the set opens to the bleakly reflective and smoked rain stained street savvy cooled down trip hopula of Dream Panther before fusing sumptuously into a brace of lounge lilts from current turntable heartthrobs the Space Gang here serviced by a momentary visitation of the seductive seafarer that is ‘long dreamer’ before going all jazz trimmed and ultra woozy 70’s exotica of the Wylie Cable retooling of ‘jugg’n’. Admirers of the much missed Emperor Penguin will do well to check in on Eraserfase whose twinset ‘Sapphire’ and ‘money’ shimmer fondly in the retro electro funk of the Chicago based duos landmark ‘mysterious pony’ set. From therein things get a little confusingly jiggy with the absence of time cues making it just a tad tasking telling who’s from who, in which case it might well be linfornia who drop some delightfully dreamy celestial harp flotillas on the far out ghostly love note ‘mafmaticbapp’. And is it lost midas – here aided by Taylor O’Donnell – who are responsible for the head turning dream pop that is ‘love undone’ – this honey steeled in all manner of surreally ghosted gothique operatics. While if we’ve got our timings right, Steve Schmidt is another artist we feel compelled to keep a future ear out on ‘Idontcaryanymore’ sounding to these lugs not unlike a youthfully glacial FortDax

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