jean michel jarre

Incoming shortly, eagerly awaited collaborative material from one of the most forward thinking pioneers of electronic. Jean Michel Jarre is one of few artists who’ve stayed the pace throughout my listening life, as a youngster hearing ‘Oxygene’ for the first time was to an impressionable self the sound of the future, the past and somewhere else colliding all at once, a journey more so a story without words both fluent and fluid in imagery, symphonia and grace and above all now. Schooled in the ways of musique concrete with Schaeffer and Stockhausen providing an early tutorial influence, Jarre’s melodic construction, astuteness and symphonic awareness drew lineage to Debussy, even today the extended suite on ’magnetic fields’ still exacts that self same total immersion wow vibe first heard some four decades ago. ‘electronica volume 1’  finds Jarre reaching out across the generations to explore and document the many multi generic facets that make up the terraforming nature of electronic music whether that be pure pop, ambience, industrial, kosmiche et al, several years in the planning, Jarre approached artists from various disciplines with a view to collaborating. Volume 1 features an eclectic array of talent from opposing ends of the sonic spectrum to include moby, little boots, m83, air, massive attack and more, for me personally it’s the face off’s with laurie Anderson, john carpenter and tangerine dream that offer the keynote must hear portions of the tracklist with the latter mentioned rumoured to be the last recordings made by Edgar Froese before  his passing  earlier this year.

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