irene and the disappointments

with the anniversary of Mr Peel’s untimely passing approaching, we’d like to think he’d be quite smitten of this delightful sortie by Irene and the Disappointments, not least because aside the fact that ‘Hugs’ comes pre-swooned with a vocal unlike anything we’ve had the pleasure of hearing since Harriet Wheeler’s fragile tonalities demurred the late night radio rooms ambience  whilst fronting the Sundays, but more importantly where you to scratch a little deeper at the tracks feel good surface sweetness you’ll hear the audible echo of the kind of riffing shimmers that occasioned the grooves of platters with Roy Orbison’s name stamped proudly upon their hide which unless I’m very much mistaken appear somewhere around the 1.10 mark, now that is as far as I’m concerned – class.


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1 Response to irene and the disappointments

  1. James says:

    These are just fantastic!

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