jane weaver

Frankly if there’s ever the occasion that puzzled looks or words of disagreement are hitherto witnessed or heard when Jane Weaver holds court upon our turntable, they are usually met with the disapproving stare. Ask the junior set for they will tell you that no raised voices are heard – it’s the stare. Intense, deep set and locked, without the need for words it translates as a red flag, a no go zone, a  warning sign that you’ve encroached upon a place no doubt mistakenly and that the best course of action is to stop, be silent, turn around and return back to where you were. Don’t know why I’m telling you this, it’s not as though I’m getting paid by the words and to be honest has this little trinket of knowledge enriched your lives. I fear not. But in our humbled opinion Jane Weaver can do no wrong, a bit like Natasha Khan come to think of it – she appears soon by the way. Pulled from her acclaimed ‘the silver globe’ set this is ‘I need a connection’ – four minutes of demurring dream drift perfection, a lunar love note orbiting in the starry heavens transmitting siren-esque distress calls across the solar voids all tenderly trimmed and powered by Moroder pulsars. is this the one sided 12 inch platter we’ve read about somewhere or are we confusing ourselves with something else –  answers please finders keepers dudes

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