lust for youth

Think these press people know us better than ourselves, I mean describing said record as ‘gloomy 80’s synth pop’ was always going to guarantee it getting prime attention on the turntable. 80’s sounding it certainly is, gloomy not so sure, atmospheric and brooding a given. This is a forthcoming platter from Copenhagen trio Lust for Youth  entitled ‘better looking brother’ – which I must admit talking title wise has never been an issue for us has it r’kid? Anyhow this one is emerging soon on the curiously poppy sounding of late Sacred Bones imprint, 7 minutes of world’s trouble shouldering seriously looking long overcoat wearing shadow drizzled majesty back dropped by fire scorched thunder storms which I’ll admit had us back footing a tad on several occasions not least because it shifts from Passage style bleakness through the kind of pop presets that touch base with the Church and the kind of stuff that Situation 2 oft troubled the top table of the indie charts in the mid 80’s before coalescing as though the work of a supergroup forged from the apocalyptic ashes of a ‘brotherhood’ era New Order and the Mission.

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