As previously advertised Natasha Khans’ latest listening groove is a collaboration with various Toy dudes and producer Dan Carey, they’re called Sexwitch and they have a limited self titled full length through echo just out which features, we believe, a handful of covers of obscure late 60’s / 70’s psych weirdness, it’s kind of freaky, heavy and can be found pissing in the pool of blue cheer albeit as though re-imagined as wasted voodoo children, we here are quite taken by ‘helelyos’ – a bad assed slab of acid wired snake charming freakbeat gouged in a deliriously mesmeric lock grooved mantra woozed in mind expansive Tibetan charms which to these ears sound  like out there stoned sonics. There will be further visitations as soon as we lay our feverish hands upon a copy…….


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