Incoming from Steso something quite attractively tranquil in the shape of ‘Mjorkabarn’. You might recall us falling head over heels for this lots ‘Kav’ at the close of last year sometime, I’m not rightly sure whether we ever got copies of their ‘proper fucked’ full length. Anyhow if memory serves right this is more of your sumptuous Scandinavian purred pop which as you all should know by now has long been a region with an exquisite reputation for turning out some of the finest and most entrancing sound sorties in record world and this ‘un is no exception. Possessed of that same glacial elegance that courted the ethereal groove lines of Sigur Ros’ debuting platter albeit here as though dreamily teased by the mellowing flotillas oozing through Manual’s lost in the moment ‘Azure Vista’, Steso apply the sensual and seductive presets to disarming detail and  set sail seafaring for lushly smouldered horizons draped in lazy eyed mosaics all trimmed in an exotic subtly oriental casing, adorable in a word.

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