grimm grimm

Had I not seen the accompanying video to Grimm Grimm’s ‘tell the truth’ I’d have probably noted in said review of its lazy eyed almost slo-mo seduction a la Cheval Sombre had he been signed to rocket girl. But since when have you known us to shy away from something offered and obvious as this moving picture montage so ably gives away. A gorgeous slice of lightly sprayed dream pop, the delicately languid strum shimmers ripple and drift hazily, momentarily abandoned of their fixings arrested and adored to be marooned in a sweet moment frozen and time locked not to say twinkled in a seafaring sereneness. Captivating in short and much reminiscent or should I say minded as though a secret studio summit featuring a gathering of Butterflies of Love, the Doleful Lions and Clientele types. Incidentally available from ATP recordings and pulled from a set called ‘hazy eyes maybe’.


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