hurricane #1

I’d like to think I’m among friends. And like friends we can talk frankly. I say this because Hurricane #1 kinda fell short of our radar during their blaze of glory in the 90’s, not a case of not liking them more so listening to other stuff, if I rightly recall they were more your Mark Goodier / Jo Wiley style play listing as opposed to Peel and Radcliffe, I won’t even dare mention the Mixing It schedules. Armed with that knowledge, or lack of it as the case might rightly be, we were a tad curious in receiving a copy of their forthcoming download only single – ‘think of the sunshine’. Prized from an incoming set ‘find what you love and let it kill you’ – their first in 16 years, it comes as a celebratory fanfare following lead singer Alex Lowe’s lengthy battle against cancer. Gathering together the band with a promise that they’ll be sounding bigger and better than ever with tour schedules currently marking out 2016’s calendar these chaps don’t kid do they. ‘think of the sunshine’ might seem like a strange choice for a single with a November release date but given the arrival – albeit three months late – of our own Summer presently and the confused nature of our weather systems of late, it just might prove weirdly apt. no pushing envelopes here, Lowe and Co draw and consolidate from past glories, not quite hurricane #1  by numbers but kissed and strolled with enough ear candy familiarity to draw the passing crowds whilst daubed in a sweetly fried vintage that oozes of a mellowing lazy eyed power pop purred artistry that crackles and fizzes with a love noted effervescence not to mention courting within its grooves a Cockney Rebel meets the Faces swagger. Out via tapete in case your taking notes, and you should be.     

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