A much welcome return to these pages of Paperface, a most precocious talent who has previous peppered these missives and had us all a swoon on his occasional visits. A debut full length ‘out of time’ is currently doing the rounds somewhere and will in due course be put up on the inspection blocks once that is, we manage to lay our hands on a copy. ‘out of time’ is as apt a title as we’ve heard in recent times for paperface’s hand craft is teased and trimmed in a richly alluring artistry that sits far away from the usual pop pap. Sensitive, thoughtful, intricate and disarmingly expressive ‘Alison’ aches with quietly forlorn majesty, autumnal symphonics press upon it a crushed melancholic pastoral vintage unlike anything you’ll hear outside a platter inscribed with the names Robert Wyatt or Oddfellows Casino. A little less stressful on the emotions is the flip cut ‘other people’s lives’ a voyeuristic yarn sumptuously kissed as a ghostly conceived slice of atmos-noir spirited upon a teetering tapestry that balances itself somewhere between Lupen Crook and Jarvis Cocker albeit as though accompanied by the velvet toned mercurial melodic mysterios of John Barry. Out shortly via daydream records.

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