ghost box…..

Another release currently on our ‘I want’ list is a double disc set from Ghost Box records entitled ‘in a moment…’ – a celebratory jaunt through the labels extensive archive marking its 10th birthday anniversary. Available in all formats including download, CD and a spiffing looking gatefold vinyl set graced by your typical 70’s styled Julian House sleeving. This gathering features a plethora of  highly regarded sound archivists such as the advisory circle, belbury poly, pye audio corner, mount Vernon arts lab and many more  all crafting sounds / textures and moods displaced from another time found lurking deep in the shadows of the nations collective subconscious for here a lost age of technological hope and fear, televisual idents, open university, public service broadcasts, brit folk horror (The Wicker Man), Nigel Kneale (Quatermass / the Stone Tape), Scarfolk et al stuffed full of spangles all happily play in the village green beneath the watchful eye of a secretly sinister Whitehall department – these are / were after all, the sounds of tomorrow from a lost and forgotten yesterday

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