excursions to the inner conscience

Damn we here are pretty much smitten with Auramics – a little root around cyberspace and we unearthed these gems – first up a podcast entitled ‘excursions to the inner conscience’ featuring sonic salvos from Broadcast, Stereolab, the occasional ‘tomorrow people’ signature, some ethereal French pop  along with selected visitations of their own – alas no track listing but guaranteed an hour’s listening paradise…….


‘experiments in terror – volume 1’ appears to be an album released – who knows when – littered with broadcast references along with the teasing of some smoking Ghost Box noodles and frankly awash with the kind of late 90’s groove once upon a time frequently sneaked out into record world by restless Stereolab personnel, chiefly that quite exquisite split release put out by Monade and the Scott Band for the Apartment label way back long ago. All said though chief inspiration here is the much missed Musetta whose quite divinely crafted jazz noir dream collage ‘mice to meet you’ is lushly stamped ghost like throughout the grooves.


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