music for an impending cold

The esteemed Norman Records have in recent months been inviting various guest friends to cobble together podcasts, the latest of which overseen by Sarah Davachi whose cassette release via Constellation Tatsu we remarked fondly upon a little while ago. On this occasion she’s found delving deep in to the vinyl library to curate a 90 minute long cosy toed welcome winter soiree among the track listing spectacle some forgotten gems lurk such as a Mike Oldfield demo from the Tubular sessions, something remarkably off the wall and slightly scatty from Leonard Cohen – yep you read right – scatty and off the wall, an old school Genesis sortie, a Brian Eno curio, something irresistible from the Red House Painters and a head and shoulders above them all appearance of Robert Wyatt’s simply beautiful ‘Sea Song’. Pull up to the open fire, gewt a brew going and fill your boots here –

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