the dandelion times

Now Testbild came to our attention when heard featured on a pretty nifty podcast cobbled together by the Dandelion Set. The second outing of ‘the dandelion times’ ought to appeal to lounge-tronic and hauntologist lovers alike for a broad spectrum of sounds, styles and moods pepper this hour long soiree from the magisterial progian opera that is Thumpermonkey’s quite extraordinary ‘419’ to some wig flipped out there-ness via Silver Apples’ ‘Gypsy love’ as well as cuts from current press darlings Odessey and Oracle, boards of Canada, the skeletons, bob crewe, Richard dinaria, van der graaf generator, a few well heeled selections from the dandelion set and that aforementioned cut from Testbild whose ‘belka 26’ could easily be mistaken for a much mistaken lost in the final cut Stereolab gem from ‘dots and loops’….

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