saint sister

I don’t mind letting it be known that we’ve grown something of a sweet spot for this quietly arresting little lovely. Debuting outing for duo Gemma and Morgan who trade under the collective nom du plume Saint Sister. Emerging by way of trout records shortly, 4 track EP ‘Madrid’ is a divinely demurring lesson in minimalist murmured elegance softly gathering wood crafted hymnals all cradled in love noted yearns whose reference markers appear to be as at home gently pointing the way of the Earlies and Shady Bard as they do more obviously to Vashti Bunyan (not least as evidenced on the parting ‘visions of hate’\), Linda Perhacs and Karen Dalton. Ghostly folk siren-esque harmonic interweaves aligned to spectral arrangements that whisper of twilight wonderment are the order of the day here, bewitchment and entrancement skip hand in hand amid these faintly dimpled folk bouquet. And while lead out track ‘Madrid’ might deservingly get the plaudits and air play, its dreaming apparitions and harp flotillas making for something bordering on the seductively supernatural its elsewhere on this set whereupon we found ourselves arrested and subdued.  Proving itself to be quite something else, the cleverly intricate time signatures and shifting sands classicism that courses through ‘blood moon’ tenderly and tenaciously positions itself somewhere between a ‘the dreaming’ era Kate Bush and the ridiculously talented Laura J Martin. For us though ‘Castles’ stands head and shoulders above all, angelic, poised and ushered in by a cosy toed winter-esque spiritual like aura all seductively crushed in the kind of celebratory feel good tingle that spirits away to loosely recall Dream Academy’s ‘life in a northern town’. Quite simply breathlessly exquisite.   

Alas no sound links just yet but we did manage to unearth this live session version of ‘Castles’

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