the boogeyman

Who would have thought that what lurked beneath the quaintly playful almost regal musical box mosaic of Tim Krog lurked and dark pictorial of nightmarish disturbia. ‘the boogeyman’ released in 1980 was part of a slew of cinematic releases throughout the early 80’s bitten by the slash horror aesthetic of ‘Halloween’ – how it ever made it to sequel stage is a discussion best left for another day. The soundtrack however gets a limited run via one way static (see Cannibal Holocaust, Surf Nazis Must Die…..) wherein it emerges housed in a gatefold sleeve, on coloured vinyl with a bonus CD to boot. Of course the influence of Goblin and Carpenter are clearly detectable but there’s a delightfully futuro pastoral sereneness sweetly fixing itself amid these lightly toned grooves that contrasts sharply with the grim portent scratching away at the twisted and terrifying ‘nightmare’ collage – one we suspect for those much adoring of the Unseen.    

Also heading out of one way static shortly a no doubt ridiculously limited cassette version of ‘Shogun Assassin’ – a kind of skewed Miami Vice meets Blade Runner relocated to the land of the rising sun…..

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