with the dead

Just out via Rise Above, an absolute brutal doom draped union of some measure, for far away in the twilight netherworlds away and unseen to the casual passer by an apocalyptic shit storm threatens to breach the dimensional stasis, at the gates a last standing rear guard assault is at play with the balancing scales poised precariously, to the victors the prize of either bedlam, fury and chaos or blissful content.  Enter stage left With the Dead, an unholy alliance of Nepalm Death, Electric Wizard and Ramesses types tasked with said detail, a formidable trio gouged in a kind of enviable unifying legacy of rule abandoning attrition, torment and full on head trepanning assault  that suggests their self titled full length might well blow speakers not to mention bruise listening spaces for what promises to be a slavish take no prisoners aural assault riddled and ripped in heaving slabs of stoned out riff gore and festering futility.


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