jan grunfeld

More of those dreamily drifting riff rolling moments of bliss kissed sereneness I’m afraid. Out now via the La Bel imprint found on this occasion in collaboration with the Headphonica label, this is ‘music for plants’ by Jan Grunfeld. Now we must, before we move on to musical matters, address a pressing matter, in so much as we owe a small apologetic debt to La Bel who in recent times have been known to pepper our in box with all manner of murmuring delights without so much as a mention, a nod or a thank you. Safe to say such instances won’t be repeated especially if the wares they sneak out are anything as becalming and beautiful as this. With nods to Wil Bolton, Inch Time, Manual and perhaps, most obvious of all, Vinni Reilly we here would be hard pressed at present to recommend a better release (except maybe the latest Yellow6 outing) for losing yourself in, whether it’s the expansive allure of the peaceful and at one with nature murmuring of the subduing ‘come gentle spring, come at winter’s end’ or the sleepy headed yawn of the slow to burn restful chime of the very stars of the lid like ‘full bloom’ with its softly sprayed ethereal chorals, there’s  something here amid these picturesque and tranquil melodic murals that’s untouched, pure and free from the polluting grasp and greed of everyday modern life for you to withdraw a while to hide away. That said ‘the nightshade’ momentarily disturbs the vibe but only so much that it ushers in the dissipating and disorientating fall in dream sleep though all said and done the sets centrepiece must surely be the parting ‘feels alife’ – understated, elegant and prettified in softly thawing neo classical opines.  http://www.labelnetlabel.com/releases/lbn031-music-for-plants-jan-grunfeld

Music for plants cover art

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