topos locos

And so it’s with a heavy heart that we offer many, many apologies to Topos Locos who, aside first appearing on our radar way back earlier this year whereupon they featured on that quite superb ‘strange fruit and veg’ comp put out by Fruits de Mer , come the end of the weekend, you’ll be fed up to the back teeth of hearing about, sent us a demo copy of a planned EP /single which in typical chaotically time honoured fashion we managed to mislay, find and mislay again. Anyhow we’ve super-glued the blighter to the turntable in readiness for our regular Sunday sonic soiree. For now to whet the appetites here’s a cover of the theme to 70’s TV show ‘White Horses’ – alas we can’t find a super duper you tube link so you’ll have to hook up to their face book page whereby you can eye test pressings of the aforementioned forthcoming single and shower them with admiring messages. Anyhow this cut is your tasty ear zinging slice of strut grooved surfadelic garage cool – really – need I say more.  

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