I’ve a feeling I might be about to step on a few toes and for my sins be subjected to a torrent of responses – some couched I dare  say – in terminology of an Anglo Saxon tongue and tone, but is it just me or does the new Low cut ‘lies’ hint of the subtle under toning of Fleetwood Mac. There I’ve said it. No doubt pyres for torching are being assembled as I write. Culled from their most accessible full length to date, ‘ones and sixes’ marks a shift in dynamic, intent and ambition for Low with ‘lies’ providing the set with one of its key note centre pieces to hitherto find the collective drawing on their want for the slow cured and murmured melodic detailing and enhancing it with a beautified and expressive pop toning whose seduction sits invitingly rather than slow burning and smothered as it has on past encounters. The typical trappings are ever present – that melancholic ache and that indelible hymnal grace fall, yet ‘lies’ twinkles with a sly immediacy tracing the same mercurial forlorn foot prints that smoulders the latter day Flaming Lips salvos not least as evidenced on ‘peace sword’.

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