topos locos

As promised, back with Topos Locos who you may recall featured earlier when we fell over adoring of  their cover of ‘white horses’ and even earlier still whereupon they were fondly mused upon via an appearance on Fruit De Mer’s ‘strange fruit and veg’ selection earlier this year. Seems these dudes have a forthcoming split release planned whereby they’ll be sharing sides with the blue giant zeta puppies – more details as and when we get them. For now a much delayed mention for a strictly limited CD entitled ‘the psychiatrist tapes’ which much to our shame shimmied into our listening lives some months ago whereupon the blighter went AWOL. Featuring three covers, the set opens to ‘(what’s happening at) the psychiatrist?’ – one time or other made famous by Big Bird and the Steam Shovel (this indeed being the version that featured on that aforementioned Fruits de Mer compilation), a lysergic carpet ride rippled in hazy 60’s psych mirages all kissed with a ‘white room’ era Cream-esque strut. Whilst studiously studded by a killer vintage toning. Up next a frankly drop dead cool rephrasing of the Cryin Shames’ ‘come on back’ is  found here honed, toned and shimmered in an ear candy tugging  freak beat rama-lama replete with woozy kaleidoscopic key swirls that craftily nod to the Chocolate Watchband which while it’s safe to say these dudes have something of the twang beat about them, there’s definitely a kinship with Bevis Frond, the Walking Seeds and most critically Wimple Winch mooching about the grooves not to mention an admiring nod or three to the Pretty Things. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I can’t place ‘is it a lie’ – though I’m expecting nay-saying disbelieving emails and messages by the truck load and will, I fear, not hear the last of this. Anyway without doubt the most poppified accessible moment of the set tastily turned in all manner of 50’s golden era bubble grooving not to mention impacting on your stereo player with all the repeat button pressing contagion of a rash.  

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