falling stacks

Gruff, unrelenting and quite discordantly perfect if you ask me, new thing from Falling Stacks, well old thing as it happens given it featured on their acclaimed debuting full length platter ‘no wives’ earlier this year (which we in fact singled out for much love – see below). Anyhow the band are heading out on a short tour and this blistered and scuffed around the edges nugget is being given a deserved pride of place release in its own right. ‘pool party’ squirms and squirrels with agitant delight applying combination jabs and the occasional upper cut to leave you firmly pinned to the ropes, admirers of old school Touch n’ Go will drool at the intricately turned acutely angular mathematiques bearing down on your cranium.

Previous Falling Stacks occurrences…… https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/falling-stacks-2

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