baby spiders

If you happen to be Stateside sometime around 11 in the general vicinity of Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, then these dudes will be taking to the stage. This is the new platter from Baby Spiders who feature amid their ranks one time Lotion man and sometimes Schizo Fun Addict collaborator Tony Zajkowski. Three track EP ‘seven months out of the year’ has been garnering insider acclaim with lead cut ‘knockout gas’ looming from out of the primordial fog swaggering and strutting to cut up a fuzz frayed grizzled beatnik shakedown whose smoking locked groove bluesed out rumble gets low and dirty on Sabbathian fumes. Kissed with a seductive stratospheric siren-esque riff opine ‘summer triangle’ is slinkily trimmed in a deliciously snaking coda that shadow plays upon a coolly coalesced soft psych motif peppered with pop smarts aplenty while all said there’s something dirty and primitive coursing through the parting shot ‘hunter’ that had us fondly recalling lost Detroit dudes Gold Cash Gold albeit found here wasted, loose and high on classic blues mosaics that tether and unravel at the close to a tripped and zonked out keys oozed finale.

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