black channels

Just 100 of these and selling fast out on pre-order, so if you want one you’d better act fast. Cassette only release put out by Castles in Space in readiness for CSD frivolities, these are the shadowy transmissions of occultist cold wavers Black Channels, a Brighton based duo who’ve been compared favourably to Broadcast and Cocteau Twins albeit as though both had been somehow subsumed into the chilling netherworlds of some hauntologist hinterland. With critically acclaimed 10 inch outing for Death Waltz Originals already under their collective belt ‘two knocks for yes’ offers a disquieting field account of occurrences beyond our grasp or understanding Set upon two sides, an elongated suite of dread headed horrorphonia along with a side worth of shorter incidentals that hone their ghost story effected soundtrack world, ‘two knocks for yes’ makes for a disturbing auditory experience which we’ll visit in fuller detail at a later point.  (un)safe to say for now we’ve immersed ourselves in the macabre mosaic that is the extended side long title track. A chilling slice of disorientating disquiet, a dark Séance perhaps communicating with those exiled to the realms of the beyond, a place where the Radiophonic strangeness of dreams of tall buildings, Mount Vernon Arts Lab and Bronnt Industries Kapital (notably ‘haxan’) collide and collude amid a mind fracturing paranormal shadow land populated by unearthly visitations, exorcisms, arcane rituals and sacrifices not to mention littered and scarred in the bleak forbidding terrorphonic wilderness of Kneale’s ‘Quatermass and the Pit’ and ‘the Stone Tape’.

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