One release we are certainly looking forward to hearing is the great lost second full length from Levitation. Headed up by Terry Bickers, Levitation provided an apt outlet for the intricate atmospheric fretwork of the former House of Love man, oft derided at the time as being out of step and a tad progressive, there was no denying that ‘92’s ‘need for not’ was a strangely alluring beast practiced in the ways of the old and far removed for the tastes of the fashionistic populace that had dieted on shoegaze, madchester and grunge, ‘Smile’ from the debuting ‘Coppelia’’ EP was quite unlike anything of the day and this in spite of a quietly fancied prog scene hatching around the Delirium label – most notably Porcupine Tree. ‘meanwhile gardens’ was completed in ’93 just as the band were beginning to fracture leading to them ultimately going their separate ways, bootlegs exist, I’ve even heard today that recordings of the album filtering the public domain even went as far as to having Bickers removed lock stock and barrel from the mix. That said few have heard the complete recording sessions, now fully restored and pulled from the original master tapes and with the agreement of the band, flashback records are about to give the release a full on lavish double vinyl outing replete with artwork commissioned from the original artist Cally of antar and restored with its intended running order. For press release and further information go to   https://www.normanrecords.com/records/155376


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