most valuable players

Put onto this by Joakim of timglaset fame, out via swede imprint Zeon Light, ‘c-60’ is a collection of recordings set to tape by most valuable players in the early part of the noughties. Largely left forgotten and rediscovered recently, these little playfully affectionate gems have been lovingly tweaked and sent venturing out into the unknown rekindled anew. Due to time constraints we’ve only had time to be smitten by the A side, a wonderful cornucopia of lilting love notes which initially set their stall as though a fragile etching of spirographic electro pop which one suspects those much admiring of the bearsuit label ought to be seeking out but which then slowly but surely begins to thaw, form and emerge twinkled in a demurring array of shy eyed twinkle toned twee pop 9much reminiscent of the kind of outings spirited away in the late 90’s by imprints such as Shinkansen and Magic Marker) that to these ears nods  ever so softly to the busy signals for populating the grooves here between the spectral wooziness and the dreamy celestial coos, a delicate oft sepia toned pristine pop mindset chirps and charms away faintly daubed in an attractive summery folk carefree calm and occasioned by the sound of dissolving tropicalic disorientation, agreeably lo-fi and minimalist but all the same kissed with a clever knowing craft and an  impish skewiff and carnival-esque kookiness.


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