nosferatu D2

Once upon a time there was a band. They hailed from Croydon. They wrote songs about Croydon. One of them even mused upon their hometown burning down. They were called Noferatu D2. They recorded an album ‘we’re gonna walk around this city with our headphones on to block out the noise’. They split. A lot of people heard the album. Some even loved it. One admirer was so obsessed by it that he set up a label solely to release it. Then other people got to hear the album. They too loved it. The label is called Audio Antihero. They still release records. By other people obviously.  Six years on they are releasing Noferatu D2’s album again. This time on cassette. For Cassette Store Day. Nosferatu D2 are still split up. What do they sound like. Well like all your favourite bands (Pavement, the Fall, Wedding Present, Felt, Stump….the list could go on….). And yet, like none of them at all. Some people have called them reflective. Others have said introspective. One or two made mention of miserable. There is a rainy day ho hum matter of fact Englishness about them. Like Half Man Half Biscuit only in sunnier weather with bigger chips on their shoulder. They play pop. Only it’s scuffed and angular. They sound like a Peel house band. They name check people. ‘Colonel Parker is about the woes of not being able to sing like Elvis. ‘Springsteen’ and ‘we’ll play the power of love by Frankie goes to Hollywood a thousand time tonight’ both dismissive odes to their home town. Burt Bacharach as in ‘I killed…..’ is the best thing here especially if you loved ‘Seamonsters’ by Gedge and Co. You need this release. Even if you don’t have a tape player. Buy it. Start a tape collection. And while we’ve been typing this Nosferatu D2 are still split up.

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