I’m so disappointed with myself because I can’t tell you exactly where the hell I zoned in on this from if only to thank them for sharing. What I can tell you though, is that literally five seconds in we’d proudly sprouted a hulking line in face furniture, and not mere chin stroking face fuzz or stuff you can hang and tug on, but full on shearing kind that you can make jumpers out of. This lovely folks is the forthcoming thang from Fuzz who feature amid their enviable ranks, one Ty Segall who it seems of late has gone over and beyond the tag of workaholic into being someone who’d find psyche musicality in the patter of rain. We suspect this is a first listen stream of the album – you’ll have to bear with us on that, for we’ve been unable to get past the opening cut through an inability to pick our jaw up off the floor. Anyway the album is titled ‘II’ and its out very soon, that opening track by the way is a killer slab of fuzz fried Sabbathian groove gouged in head expanding tripped out beatnik-ified freak some out there wasted glam, kind of a shit faced Sweet Apples stoned out scuffed up T-Rexian stomps.  http://www.npr.org/2015/10/14/444448267/first-listen-fuzz-ii

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