the dark outside

inadvertently put onto this by the guys at Castles in Space among whose brethren lurk Tauchsieder who we’ve had cause to mention in previous despatches to much fond hoo-hah – anyhow this gets a little confusing – so bear with us…..seems the duo have set themselves the task of releasing cassettes in quantities of 100 featuring various artists they’ve managed to get in contact with the result of which they’ve acquired some 96 hours worth of sounds that have been used on various ‘the dark outside’ radio broadcasts. Still in the planning and deciding what’s what stage of matters we suggest you drop by at various intervals here for current updated transmissions. All vague I know but on the off chance that you’re intrigue has been tweaked we here are guessing that what you might find might not be too far removed from this deceptively eerie nugget from another era. Now we are certain we mentioned this way back in the day, we could be – and probably are wrong, but this is ringing to the sound of familiar alarm bells in my headspace – by frenchbloke this is a nifty slice of astral drone crookedness inspired by a Blind Willie Johnson track pressed upon the golden disc super-glued to the hull of Voyager – what emerges is a 30 minute cosmedelic solar sonic event that frankly sounds as though it overshot its intended mission statement to voyage beyond the pull of black holes and dark matter and into e-space.

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