the owl service (2)

 Okay we erred in saying there were two keynote owl service releases, there are in fact three because we’ve just stumbled over the name your price ‘four hits from hell’ collection, perfect I’m sure you’ll agree for the coming All Hallows festivities with the set featuring a smattering of rare treats issued as give away freebies many full moons ago including two well heeled Danzig covers whilst he was with Misfits and Samhain, but it’s the ‘phantasm’ cover that was always going to get first dibs in the affection stakes though that said the Collins / Cooper penned ‘night falls on summer’s end’ holds its own proving to be the best thing here – a fog bound spiritual steeped in a head tripping wooziness.

However those arriving a tad late to the Owl Service might want to get your lobes around ‘collected tracks’ – which I must admit we’ve not had a chance to hear in full yet, but is what can only be described as a colossal gathering of OS treats featuring a rare inside peak into their craft, which across 41 tracks plays host to a feasting of long deleted cuts, live renditions, limited outings and rare session versions. A truly amazing listening treat which at present we are struggling to get beyond the spectral lullaby beauty of ‘fine horseman’ and the jaw dropping cover of the theme to ‘psychomania’ surely the finest slice of horrorphonic acid psych ever committed to a movie soundtrack.


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