pull the plug #250

Another short podcast type thing – this being the 250th edition of Resonance FM’s ‘pull the plug’ show which ambles along quite sweetly featuring treats aplenty from midwich youth club and the cush, both of whom we’ve featured fondly in recent times with the formers ‘let’s go home’ delightfully dinked in the kind of mid 70’s wonky fantasia that suggests cheesecloth ought to be your main chosen apparel while sitting watching the gogglebox for Saturday seaside special re-runs while your hipster dad plays wax things by the kraftwerk on that there record playing device. The cush’s ‘distant light’ as said caught our ear a little while back – sadly despite requests we never did get review downloads – still this is irresistible, an ethereal Neil Young spiritual all spectral reverbs, achingly gorgeous. Next up the first of two ghost box visitations, pye audio corner’s ‘deep end’ comes touched with a tear stained classicist majesty that’s all at once genteel, tender and fraily vulnerable. We must admit to being adoring of Belbury Poly’s quirky noodles, 70’s styled children’s TV fantasia’s that beam chirpiness and kookiness in equal measure with ‘farmer’s angle’ seemingly refusing to buck the trend in sounding like a hulking lunar seaside promenade orbiting some distant sun star. Those among you fancying your listening space swooned in the forlorn glide of sliding riffs and exotic allures might do well to tag onto drug cabin quite deceptively chilled and cosy toed ‘space program’ while group a’s ’initiation’ arrives steeled in a superbly crafted early 80’s cold wave minimalism that had us here imagining some secret thought lost studio face off happened upon by a gathering of Grace Jones, SPK and Native Hipster types.  https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-8th-october-2015/

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